V. Michael Bove, Jr. (group head) holds an S.B.E.E., an S.M. in Visual Studies, and a Ph.D. in Media Technology, all from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he is currently head of the Object-Based Media Group at the Media Lab, and co-directs the consumer electronics working group CE2.0. He is the author or co-author of over 90 journal or conference papers on digital television systems, video processing hardware/software design, multimedia, scene modeling, visual display technologies, and optics. He holds patents on inventions relating to video recording, hardcopy, interactive television, medical imaging, and holographic displays, and has been a member of several professional and government committees. He is co-author with the late Stephen A. Benton of the book Holographic Imaging (Wiley, 2008). He is on the Board of Editors of the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal, as well as SMPTE’s Education Director. He served as general chair of the 2006 IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC’06) and co-chair of the 2012 International Symposium on Display Holography. Bove is a fellow of the SPIE and of the Institute for Innovation, Creativity, and Capital. He was a founder of and technical advisor to WatchPoint Media, Inc. and served as technical advisor to One Laptop Per Child (creators of the XO laptop for children in developing countries).

Email: vmb <at>


Kristin Hall (Project Manager)
Groups: Speech + Mobility, Object-Based Media

Email: kristin <at>


Pedro Colon Hernandez is a master’s student at the MIT Media Lab.

Bianca Datta is a doctoral student at the MIT Media Lab. As an undergraduate student, she pursued an interest in renewable energy by conducting research on the synthesis of quantum dot materials for photovoltaic applications. After receiving an MS and BS in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, Bianca decided to pursue a more interdisciplinary research trajectory. She hopes to combine her background with an interest in creativity and the humanities to expand the influence of design in a greater societal context.

Email: bdatta <at>


Sunny Jolly is a PhD candidate at MIT with broad research interests spanning three-dimensional holographic displays, Fourier optics, nanophotonics, information optics, and optical engineering. He has worked on a wide array of optics-related projects, including guided-wave acousto-optics for electroholography, photorefractive polymer-based holographic displays, computer-generated display holography, diffraction-based optical microphones, nonlinear optical characterization of thin films, and volume holographic spectrometers. He holds an MS degree from the MIT Media Lab as well as an MS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, and a BS degree in Physics, all from Georgia Tech.

Email: sjolly <at>


Everett Lawson is a PhD student at MIT’s Media Lab.


Andrew MacInnes is a Master’s Candidate at MIT’s Media Lab.

Philippa Mothersill (also known as Pip) is a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab, where she explores the language of design, particularly how objects can communicate information to us through their form. She hopes this research can be used to help develop computational processes for the design of static and dynamically expressive objects. She is also interested in the creation of tools to help people design functional objects which can express higher-level sentiments of their ideas via aesthetic forms. Before the Media Lab, Philippa worked for three years as a product designer for Procter&Gamble, where she led the upstream industrial design of new products by bringing together design research, marketing narrative, and functional technology to create the first aesthetically designed functional prototype in a product’s development cycle. She holds a MEng in Aeronautical Engineering, and a joint MA/MSc degree in Industrial Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, London.

Email: pip <at>

Dan Novy (also known as NovySan) is a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab where he works to decrease the alienation fostered by traditional passive media consumption and increase social interaction through transparent, interconnected and fluid media, to create an enriched, active and inspired immediate experience. He is an Emmy and Visual Effects Society Award winning VFX Technical Supervisor, Transmedia Experience Designer, and Artist. At the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign he received a BFA in Theatre and an MA in Theatre History, with a double emphasis in the technical history of the theatre and shamanic ritual performance in pre-agrarian societies. He is the former Chair of the Visual Effects Society’s Technology Committee and technical blogger for the VES.

Email: novysan <at>

Laura Perovich is interested in designing tools that help people seamlessly engage with science in their everyday lives. She hopes to re-imagine the relationship between citizens and scientists through ubiquitous computing and artistic, emotionally-resonant approaches to data interaction. One of her current projects explores new interfaces for reporting levels of emerging household contaminants to study participants. Perovich has over seven years of experience in community-based work, as a scientist researching environmental causes of diseases at Silent Spring Institute and as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guinea, West Africa. She is a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab and holds a BA in mathematics and religion from Bowdoin College.

Email: perovich <at>

Edwina Portocarrero is a PhD Candidate at MIT’s Media Lab. She designs hybrid physical/digital objects and systems for play, education and performance, blending the evocative and intimate qualities of objects and object interaction with the affordances of digital systems. She previously studied Design and Production with a focus on Lighting and Set design at Calarts. She has traveled extensively, lived in Brazil working at a documentary production house, as lighting designer in her native Mexico, hitchhiked her way to Nicaragua, lived in a Garifuna village in Honduras, documented the soccer scene in Rwanda, and honed a special skill for pondering after sitting still for hundreds of hours for world reknowned artists.

Email: edwina <at>


Nickolaos Savidis is a postdoctoral researcher at MIT’s Media Lab. Nick’s background includes research in quantum optics, remote imaging, precision optics, medical and neural optical devices, ophthalmic devices, 3D Displays, and holograms. His research currently focuses on advancing holographic architectures, designs, and processes to enable future holographic displays. He holds MS and Ph.D degrees in optical engineering from the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona. He also holds a B.S. degree in Optical Engineering from the Institute of Optics, a B.A. degree in Physics, and an Accounting and Finance Certification, all from the University of Rochester.


Ali Shtarbanov is a first year Master’s student and Research Assistant at the MIT Media Lab. His research interests lie near the intersection of Optics, Engineering, Computation, and Design. Ali is passionate about developing novel interface technologies and responsive systems that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment to enhance the way we live, work, and communicate. In 2015, Ali received a B.S. with highest honors in Electrical Engineering and a B.A. with highest honors in Physics, both from Lehigh University. As an undergraduate student, he worked on a number of interdisciplinary projects in the US and abroad related to trans-horizon wireless communication via evaporation duct, digital systems design, robotics, and tactile interfaces utilizing focused ultrasound.


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Stefan Agamanolis
James Barabas
Andy Bardagjy
Shawn Becker
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