Graduate Study
We’re looking for applicants with backgrounds in technical and creative aspects of new media forms, user experience, human-computer interaction, image capture and display (especially in 3D), signal processing and understanding, and/or consumer electronics product design. Information on applying is posted at the Web site of the Media Arts and Sciences degree program.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
We’re usually looking for MIT/Wellesley undergraduates with experience in user interfaces, product design, image processing, mobile app development, television production, graphics programming (especially GPU hackery), RF electronics, PC board design, or optics. Contact Michael Bove, vmb (at) media (dot) mit (dot) edu.

Visiting Faculty, Visiting Researchers, Visiting Students
It’s occasionally possible for visitors who already have funding to spend time with us but please note that we receive hundreds of such requests every year and can’t accommodate most of them because of lack of space. Such visits work best when the visitor comes from an institution with whom we already have an ongoing research collaboration in place.